Welcome to MagnumphotO!

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Significant updates: June 2 - 2010. I have put a new GUESTBOOK to my site!
June 8 - 2010 new pictures: CULTURE, Retro Café.

The most important purpose of this site is, however, to display my photographs.
My intention is to help anyone needing a photograph, to find the one which suits you best.

You may also use the pictures, shown on the site, privately. The only request made is that the photographer is credited by displaying his name next to or on the photograph. If you need photographs with a higher resolution you are welcome to order these from the image service on this site, by e-mail: image@magnumphoto.se You will be charged on the basis of the size, resolution and number of pictures you choose. You will also be charged based on what the photograph is to be used for. I will deliver the pictures in any format either via the Internet, CD, on professional paper or as a slide.

If you like my pictures and are in need of a photographer please contact me at magnum@magnumphoto.se

All the photographs on this site have been taken by the photographer Jerry "MagnuM" Porsbjer, who lives in the far north of Sweden in Lapland, close to the Arctic Circle.

Enjoy the collection.


Please feel free to give me or my WebMaster advice about what you wish from this site. If you're dissatisfied about anything it stands to reason that you are welcome to tell us. We also will be very grateful if you tell people about this site.


Regards, Jerry MagnuM Porsbjer, MagnumphotO.